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East Coast Volleyball Club (ECVC) began its journey in 2008 when a group of friends envisioned playing together and decided to form their own club. Led by Valerie "Miss Val" Kallam, who was the team mom at Princess Anne High School, the founding members included her daughter Lindsay, two others from PA, and Lindsay's best friend from Kempsville.

The early years were filled with excitement as the club started with one team, aiming to create a family-style environment where athletes had a say in their travel team experience. After Lindsay and the original players graduated, ECVC continued for a couple of years before becoming inactive when Miss Val decided it was time.


In 2016, Coach Dooren reignited the spark and, with the support of friends, investors, Miss Val, and Coaches Russell & Tracey, brought East Coast Volleyball Club back to life. The '16-'17 season saw the return of ECVC with two teams, prompting inquiries about ECVC's origins and its rapid growth.


Since then, ECVC has expanded significantly. We now boast 18 travel teams and operate from a state-of-the-art 3-court facility for indoor play, along with a dedicated 3-court facility for sand volleyball. Our growth is a testament to our commitment to excellence.


Remaining true to our family-oriented roots, ECVC's current vision is to unite the best players, offering our athletes the chance to compete at the national level and strive for success at the USAV National Championships. Our goal is not only to teach the sport but to help young women develop both athletically and personally, preparing them to make a positive impact on the world.


We've evolved from a single-court facility to a robust training center with dedicated spaces for both indoor and sand volleyball. Although we started with one court, it's a court that belonged to us. As we continue to grow, ECVC remains dedicated to empowering young women to believe in themselves and reach for their aspirations.


Just after one year, ECVC had expanded to 7 teams, prompting Coach Russell to ask Miss Val, "Did you ever think when you started ECVC it would one day be like this?" The answer was no! What originated as a club for friends to play together has blossomed into a 13-team powerhouse, always on the lookout for the best talent with the ultimate goal of securing a National Championship. 

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